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Frequently Asked Questions

Mpeti lodge is located near Mkuze, KwaZulu Natal and there are multiple ways to reach our lodge upon arrival in Johannesburg.  Mpeti Safaris will pick you up from O.R Tambo and drive you to our lodge (approximately 6 hours).  Alternatively, clients can take a commercial flight to Mkuze Airport where we will pick you up for the 0.5 hour drive to our lodge. 

Yes, you can bring your own rifle.  If you do, you will need to acquire a temporary import permit from the South African Police Services.  Mpeti Safaris works closely with qualified people who can help with this process.  Mpeti Safaris can supply a rifle and ammunition should you chose to not bring your own firearm.

.375 is the minimum caliber required for hunting buffalo and other dangerous game.  For most other plains game, a .270 or .30 caliber with premium bullets will be fine.  We would rather you bring a rifle you are familiar with and comfortable shooting than a larger caliber rifle as shot placement is more important than rifle caliber.

Yes, we do allow bow hunters. All our blinds are situated at water holes. We have different types of blinds, from natural blinds to brick blinds.

We require a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 or 10% of your hunt package at the time of booking.  If you must cancel your safari, your deposit can be transferred to the following year at a mutually agreed upon date if we are notified 60 days from the commencement of your hunt.  You will be required to bring your payment to 50% of your estimated safari costs 2 weeks prior to your hunt. Upon completion of your hunt, your remaining balance and any additional costs incurred while you are with us can be paid in cash, credit card, or wire transfer (direct payment to our account).

Absolutely!  Mpeti Safaris specializes in family and group safaris as we can comfortably host 14 individuals.  Mpeti Safaris will custom build the safari of YOUR dreams.  Whether you want to hunt in a group or non-hunting companions are traveling with you, we will make sure we meet all your needs.  This may include non-hunting companions accompanying you on your hunt, relaxing at the lodge, or doing many of the non-hunting activities available at Mpeti.

Proper care and handling of your trophies are a top priority at Mpeti Safaris.  Our expert handlers will cape or skin your trophies and prepare them for transport to a local taxidermist.  Following the hunt, your trophies will be transported to Zululand Taxidermy which is conveniently located 45 minutes away in the town of Pongola.  Should you wish to visit Zululand Taxidermy during your safari, simply notify your PH and a visit will be arranged.

While we engage in hunting across various provinces in South Africa, our 12,000-acre private hunting area and lodge is located in the Zululand region of KwaZulu-Natal near Jozini Dam. This dam is the third largest impoundment in South Africa, and our lodge also shares an unfenced boundary with the expansive Pongola Nature Reserve (76,000 acres). This unique arrangement allows us to have a hunting quota on the Pongola Nature Reserve, where we frequently conduct our hunts.  Nearby, we have access to several other concessions providing an additional 30,000 acres within a 60 minute drive.  The close proximity of these areas means that you will spend more time hunting and less time traveling.  Should you want to hunt species located in other regions of South Africa, we have access to numerous concessions and lodges where we will conduct those hunts.

If you are hunting with us in March and April, average temperatures range from daily highs around 32° C (90° F) and daily lows around 16° C (65 °F).  There are also occasional rain showers during this time.  During winter months (May-August), you should expect daily highs to be near 28° C (82° F) and daily lows near 13° C (55° F) with little to no rain during this time.  Temperatures and rainfall during September and October are similar to our early hunting season in March and April.

Laundry is done daily so three shirts and pants are sufficient for your safari.  Hunters are encouraged to wear either camouflage or earth tone (i.e. khaki, green, etc.) colors.  Mornings and evenings can be cool so clients should bring a light jacket or sweater for layering.  Evenings are often spent lounging around the boma so you may want to bring comfortable clothes and shoes to change into at the end of your day.  Clients should bring “broken-in” boots as some days can require walking a significant distance.  You will need to bring your personal toiletries.

This is a tough question to answer as there are several variables to consider.  For example, during the rut, most animals are usually more active but the rutting period for the various game species at Mpeti don’t necessarily overlap.  Moon phase is also another important consideration but affects different species in different ways and may also be more important to bow hunters than rifle hunters.  If you have a particular trophy you want to prioritize for your hunt, please contact us and we can provide you with our thoughts on your hunt dates.  Regardless of when you decide to hunt with Mpeti, you can be assured that we always work our hardest to help you get the trophy of your dreams! March to October is the best time to hunt.

While you should always check with your physician prior to traveling, Mpeti is in a malaria free area and special medications are usually not required. 

South Africa uses 220V so a converter is needed for any object that requires 120V.  A “Type M” travel plug adaptor will work at Mpeti.  If you forget to bring one, we always have a few extra on hand for you.

Yes, we have both cellular coverage and Wi-Fi internet at Mpeti lodge.  Just make sure you talk with your cell phone provider prior to traveling to South Africa to ensure you have the proper plan to allow calls in foreign countries.  While we hope you can completely “unplug” while you are here, we recognize there are times when that may not be entirely possible so whether you need to contact your place of work, send a picture of the trophy you harvested that day, or email/speak with friends and family at home, we have you covered.

South Africa has all the amenities as any other country and excellent medical services.  Just like other countries, there are areas in South Africa tourists should avoid.  Our staff are very familiar with Johannesburg and other areas within South Africa and your PH will accompany you from the minute you leave the airport until your return, so safety is not a concern.

While loadshedding, or rolling blackouts, do regularly occur in South Africa, you will not be affected by this as Mpeti lodge has a backup generator that provides electricity 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.